Pet Portraits

Imortalize your beloved friend

Normie Kitty My pet portraits of treasured dogs, cats, birds and other special friends have been delighting people for decades. I love animals, always have and painting them is my passion. When I receive a request to do a commission for a pet portrait, it doesn't matter what type of pet, I immediately get excited and can hardly wait to get together with the owner. Not only to see the photos but to meet the subject in person. I love capturing the personality of the pet using a high quality photo. (the better the photo the better the finished portrait). Elements from several photographs can be combined into a single painting.

Pet portraits are the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. Your pet is your companion, your confidant and your inspiration. A pet portrait will delight you and the entire family for years.

I provide pet portraits in watercolour or colour pencil. Size will be 16 X 20 and each pet, whether one or two, will be $100.00, a 16 X 20 mat is included. I can provide and assemble the complete frame for an additional fee, which would be more economical for the client. Portraits usually take six weeks to complete (orders placed near Christmas may require extra time due to high volume). Discounts are offered for multiple orders.

Nothing says more than a pet portrait of a beloved pet that a family has had in their lives, be it one year, five or ten, they are always delighted when the family member opens it and can hardly believe their eyes. The response is priceless and it immediately gets a spot on the wall right beside other family. It is a unique gift, one they won't be expecting.

Even when a cherished pet is no longer with you, a pet portrait preserves a forever memory that can be enjoyed even after you say goodbye.

Read the testimonials below to get an idea how pleased the pet owners have been over time with their pet portraits.

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Small Bo Bo When I went to pick up the portrait of my little Bo Bo
I was so excited the way it turned out.

I think this is the most beautiful pet portrait I have ever seen.

my friend Kallie I wanted to get something personal and unique for my parents for Christmas. I had just finished a beginners watercolor class with Anna so was familiar with her work. I e-mailed her a couple of pictures of Kallie, my parents beloved dog who they had lost the year before at the age of 11. Anna presented me with a portrait of Kallie so phenomenal you would think the fur was real if you touched the picture.

When my parents saw the portrait on Christmas morning their faces lit up and all the love they had and still have for Kallie shone through. Thank you Anna for allowing me to give that to my parents. Kallie now hangs on the living room wall and her gentle spirit will always be remembered.

Dawn H.